I am a wedding planning junkie and organizational nerd. 

During Your Wedding Planning Escapades You Are Going To Need Someone Who Is In Love With Wedding Stuff Because Let's Face It - This Isn't McDonald's And You Won't Always Be Loving It.

I’m Lauren Dragon-Cook. I have a wedding addiction and I’m not afraid to admit it! It’s okay if you don’t feel the same way about planning your own wedding. That’s why you have me!

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In my past life, I was a studio manager for a Boston wedding photographer and faux planner whenever a bride needed help. In my current life, I am the wedding planner of Keene, NH and the Monadnock region. I’m an experience-maker, wedding expert, planning powerhouse, problem solver extraordinaire, wife, mother, and so much more.

I wear a ton of hats and I know you do too. I know because I planned my own wedding while working two jobs. I’ve walked a mile in your shoes (heels, boots, or stylish flats).

I’ve been living and breathing weddings ever since I was like 3 when I got my first Polly Pocket that just so happened to be the wedding edition. In the real world, I have over 5 years of wedding industry experience and still have that Polly Pocket. 

Between work, your relationship, your family, and friends, you may be finding it hard to spare a few minutes to breathe, much less spare an extra 250 hours (the average time it takes to plan a wedding). Yeah, that isn't a joke. Sorry. There is a good chance that planning is making you feel rushed, anxious, and overwhelmed – it’s turning your walk down the aisle into a destination rather than allowing you to enjoy the journey and the experience of planning your big day.

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Maybe you are obsessed with your wedding so you spend countless hours looking at Pinterest and wedding magazines searching for inspiration. 

Remember when I said I was obsessed, too? I spend countless hours (when we probably should be doing something productive) on Pinterest, have way too many stacks of wedding magazines in the office, read countless wedding blogs, and follow all of the wedding industry's top notch superstars – I can’t get enough of all things wedding related!

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My Street Cred

  • Certified wedding planner
  • Been working in the wedding industry for 5 years
  • Member of the Rising Tide Society & National Association for Professional Women
  • Published 100s of wedding articles

You want your wedding to be an experience and luckily for you we create the best kind of wedding experiences. Let's plan this!


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