13 Reasons Why You Might Want to Hire a Wedding Planner


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Okay, so I have to be totally honest. When I was planning my wedding 5 years ago, I thought wedding planners were absolutely useless. I said it. Can’t take it back. It’s on the internet forever. That’s right. Useless.

I truly thought that planners were hired to basically plan your whole wedding so you didn’t have to lift a finger. Oh, you need someone to hold your dress while you pee? Hire a wedding planner. Can’t make up your mind on peonies or posies? Hire a wedding planner. 

In all actuality though, looking back on my wedding day - I wish I had known what day of coordinators actually did. Why, you ask since I originally thought planners were a frivolous commodity that was just an extra expense? Well, let me tell you. The morning of my wedding when I should have been sipping on mimosas and getting primped and pampered and beautified - I was at my wedding venue setting up decor and tying hay bails and running around like a mad woman. Talk about stressful. The day of your wedding should be as stress-free as possible knowing that everything will be taken care of behind the scenes. Yeah. Not so much for me.

Without a shadow of a doubt, if I had hired someone to run point and call the shots at my wedding, the day would have looked a little differently because I wouldn’t have been a frazzled, stressed, hot mess.

Without further ado, here are MY 13 reasons to hire a planner:

  1. A wedding planner can SAVE you money (wait, WHAT?!) by helping to avoid costly mistakes. It also doesn’t hurt to have a planner that knows a thing or two about extreme couponing… 
  2. They know who’s who in the industry so you don’t waste time researching or negotiating with vendors.
  3. They allow you to have a life outside of planning your wedding.
  4. They become the go-to person at the wedding so you don’t have to answer every. Single. Freaking. Question.
  5. They make sure the bridal party sticks to schedule. And sobers up a bit before the ceremony...
  6. They make sure all your guests are taken care of.
  7. A wedding planner packs up all your valuables at the end of the night. Remember that $500 in cash you got from Uncle Bob as a wedding gift? Yeah, you wouldn’t...
  8. They take on the logistics so you can focus on the fun stuff. Example: Figuring out timelines for vendors OR Figuring out which flavor cake you want by going to a tasting
  9. A good planner helps you bring your vision to life.
  10. They make sure you stick to your timeline and enjoy every moment of your day.
  11.  Since you can’t repeat this day, having a good wedding coordinator is like great wedding insurance.
  12. Wedding planners are unicorns. Freaking. Unicorns. Fairy godmothers.
  13. Wedding planners are visionaries, budget mavens, master negotiators and ultimate problem solvers.

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