I Don't Have a Big Enough Budget to Hire a Wedding Planner

Wedding Planning

Big enough budget for wedding planner

Think again, my friend.

If you have been shopping around for someone to manage your wedding day hoping to get the best deal, you may want to reconsider basing your decision solely on cost. LDC & Co. charges $1300 for day-of coordination, so let's base our scenario off of that. 

You may be thinking, "$1300 is a good chunk of change! There is no way I can swing that!” Think again my friend.

If you are in the final stages of planning your big day, that probably means you are tying up all of the loose ends, right? 

  • You may not have decided on favors.
  • Or your bridal party/parent gifts.
  • You definitely haven’t even started to think about putting together your emergency kit.
  • Guest book - what guest book?
  • The venue doesn’t just give you a cake knife and server? 
  • You aren’t sure if you need to add more hours to your photography contract.
  • You really wanted to have signs made up for the signature drink to put at the bar, a welcome sign, or a cute taxi sign to put in the bathrooms for when your guests need an unexpected ride home.
  • Maybe you really did want to have ceremony programs printed or have menus at every seat - but there is no way you have time or money for that at this point. 

When everything is said and done, I normally end up saving a wedding couple anywhere from $400-$1200 on the details and last minute expenses ALONE.

Take a minute and think about that last sentence. 

You are inevitably going to end up spending money on things you hadn’t included in your wedding budget or even anticipated. That is one of the benefits of hiring a coordinator - they help you avoid a lot of that.

Even if I were to only save a bride and groom the absolute bare-bone minimum of $400, that means they are only paying an additional $900 from what you WOULD HAVE spent anyways AND you have someone that is going to: 

  1. Run your wedding rehearsal
  2. Help you tie up all loose ends and bring it all together
  3. Create your timeline
  4. Be your sounding board and give you back your sanity
  5. But most importantly, manage everything behind the scenes the day of the wedding so you can actually ENJOY being a bride

In a nut shell, I am probably your least expensive (or at least close to it!) vendor who will actually end up saving you money. So the next time you think you don't have it in your budget for a planner to give you a hand, think again my friend. 

BOOM! *Cue the confetti*