6 Tasks No Bride Should Be Doing

6 tasks no bride should do

Alright, ladies! It's time to have a little chit-chat. For some reason, many brides think that in order to have the perfect wedding day, they must do everything themselves. (And others have a hard time of letting go of control - that is a whole other beast). What I can tell you is that trying to micromanage every.single.freaking detail is no guarantee that things will run smoothly on your big day. But do you know what it DOES guarantee? That you will be waaaaay too stressed, tired, irritable, and overwhelmed to even enjoy your wedding! 

There are definitely some tasks that even the biggest control freaks (I say that with love because I, too, am one at times) can let go of and trust someone else to handle. Here are just 6 that immediately came to mind:

1. Simple and oh-so-repetitive tasks

Envelopes, favors and place cards... OH MY! If you haven't yet experienced this part, you are in for a real treat! Insert sarcasm here. There are a LOT of envelopes to stuff, party favors to package and place cards to fold... Luckily for you, you don't need to do it alone! Recruit your younger family members, girlfriends, or even the fiancé (s/he needs to participate too after all!) Make it into a "Get Shit Done" party - throw some wine out on the table (or apple juice for the younger family members), crank up the tunes, and have at it. Like the saying goes - many hands make light work!

Clothespin window seating chart
Wine cork escort cards

2. Be the ATM of answers

A wedding day is FULL of moving parts which also means people are going to have questions whether it is where you want the escort cards or directions to the ceremony site for setup. (Insert wedding coordinator here). Be sure to provide this person with all of the information and timelines for the wedding, and then let THEM answer all of those questions (some of which you may not even have answers to). It isn't a bad idea to put their contact info on your wedding website if you have one so that guests know who the go-to answer machine is. Not only will this take a weight off your shoulders, having a clearly designated "answer person" will also make things easier on your guests! 

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3. Day-of contact

A handful of your vendors will need to touch base and confirm details as they arrive and throughout the day. Delegate the task of being the wedding vendor contact to someone organized and trustworthy, and make sure they have all of the information they need. If any of your vendors need to be paid or tipped, get well labeled checks or cash envelopes to this person BEFORE the wedding day, so you can relax in the knowledge that your vendors are in good hands! (Insert wedding coordinator here).

4. Herding cats AKA Family portrait time

On your wedding day, you should not be the one hunting down Uncle Jim Bob for family photos! Easy Peasy Solution = assign someone to be your photo wrangler Make sure your wrangler has a list of all of the portrait groupings and who will be in each of them. Not only will this speed up the process and help you get to cocktail hour that much sooner, but your photographer will love you until the day they die!

bride groom sister
family formals
family wedding picture

5. Timekeeping

There are a lot of moving parts to a wedding day, and it only takes a slight hiccup to get the entire day off schedule! In order for your wedding to happen as planned, it's a great idea to ask someone to keep an eye on the timeline and make sure that they're watching the clock. They can then help nudge things along to keep all aspects moving forward, on time and as originally planned. (Insert wedding coordinator here).

6. Becoming a professional mover

Pink and white summer bouquet

If you've never been a key player behind the scenes of a wedding, you would be downright shocked by the amount of STUFF that needs to be carted around from one place to another. As the bride, you don't need to spend your day hauling bags or worrying about items that might get left behind. Ask someone (or several someones) to take on this role. They can bring boxes from the getting ready place to the venue, transport gifts from the reception to the honeymoon suite, and return any borrowed items to the rightful owners.

Throughout this post, I've mentioned finding an organized, responsible loved one to take on each task, but obviously there is the option of an experienced wedding planner. I may be biased, but having a planner to rely on is IMO the absolute best solution to avoid burnout and trying to take on too much on your wedding day. Bonus: A planner will also free up your family/friends from doing these tasks, so that they can more fully enjoy the celebration. BOOM!

-----> We hope you enjoyed this post and were able to start thinking about who you can delegate some tasks to. On the flip side, we've thought of one last way to help keep you on track! Click here to download your free bridal party contact info sheet! We've created a handy form for you to keep all contact info in one place, making it easier to delegate and assign roles to your right-hand crew! <-----