#HASHTAG Your Wedding

wedding hashtag

Step 1. A good starting place is to use your names. 

Photography:   When He Found Her

Photography:When He Found Her

Typically, a wedding is all about the two people getting married so let’s focus on your names! Nicknames, first names, last names - whatever people recognize you by. 

Step 2. Use corresponding numbers (i.e. wedding date). 

There may be 1,255,873 #SamandKate out there in the cyber world, but you will be the only #SamandKate101516! 

Step 3. Play on words - Use puns. 

If hashtags had been a thing when I got married, I would have easily been able to play it up. #DragonSlayer #CookingDragons #WhatsCooking

Get the picture? Hahahaha, I crack myself up. 

Step 4. Capitalize the first letter of every word.

This is helpful for no other reason than simply being easy to read. #thisiswhathappenswhenidontcapitalizeanything vs. #ThisIsWhatHappensWhenIDontCapitalizeAnything

Step 5. Check to see if it is being used.

Photography:   Daniel Lateulade

Photography:Daniel Lateulade

Before you pull the trigger and put your hashtag on everything from your save the dates to the toilet paper in the bathroom stalls, make sure it isn’t being used on places like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If there are a few photos that are attached to it (can be wedding related or not), then you are safe to use it. If, however, there is an entire wedding with the same hashtag, just switch it up a bit to avoid getting photos mixed up. 

Step 6. Get the word out.

Photography:   Tec Petaja

Photography:Tec Petaja

Start by telling your bridal party and absolutely on your save-the-date. You will be surprised at the pictures that will pop up with your hashtag - people love you and are excited to share special moments with you! A great idea for displaying the hashtag at the wedding would be to create a cute sign to display (maybe near the bar or photo booth). 

Step 7. Consider using a free app like WedPic.

Not only is it a great alternative to a wedding website since it provides guest information and a list of registries, but also allows you to collect all of your guests’ photos AND videos in one private location. It's a free alternative to disposable cameras too! (Sidenote: do not rely solely on guests’ photos - you NEED a professional photographer). 

Bonus Tip: A word of caution - make sure that you inform whomever you DO tell about the hashtag prior to the actual wedding to keep anything that you want to be kept a secret, a secret. For example, did you want your fiancé to see what your wedding dress looked like? No? Then make sure you tell your bridesmaids not to post any dress photos from a fitting under the hashtag. 

Not feeling overly creative? Try using a hashtag generator like this one from Wedding Wire.