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Let's all give it up for one of the most swoon-worthy and in love couples in the world: Jacqueline and Donovan.

Jackie told me all about how Donovan and she met. 

"I've known OF Donovan since I was in middle school, but I officially met him my freshman year of high school at a get together at Donovan's house. 

I remember being the only little freshman surrounded by seniors. Donovan was making sure everyone was having fun and I could barely look at him. He was beautiful then too and just as intimidating (HA!). Being completely out of my element, I ended up calling my best friend, Katie Ducharme, to come pick me up. I made up some dumb excuse and was OUT OF THERE. It was just too much for a freshman...

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It's weird because throughout high school Donovan and I had so many opportunities to strike up a conversation. He was Homecoming King and I was on Homecoming court, we were both super involved in sports, and we only lived two blocks away from each other. But we just never talked. He was always that guy that I never even tried to talk to, even my summers back from college because he just seemed so out of reach. He was the guy that liked my Facebook photo or liked my tweet and I'd call my friends and say 'OMG! Donovan liked my photo!' It's funny to think about that now. When I turned 21 and would go home we would flirt and then resort to Facebook messaging when we weren't in the same town (we both went south for college) but still, it was nothing. Just summertime boredom. But the messaging turned to texting and before we knew it we were spending hours talking to each other.

He asked me out on a date and I ALMOST said no. But, I mustered up the courage to go. It was the most amazing date. We were supposed to go see the our city's Christmas tree lighting but we were talking and lost track of time and completely missed the actual lighting ceremony. We used it as an excuse to hop to another restaurant for drinks and food. The only reason we ended the date was because we both had plans with friends. But honestly from that day on, he had me and I had him... Even if we tried to pretend it was nothing."

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She also filled me in on the proposal. It is honestly one of my all-time favorites: 

"So, I told you how our first date was at the Christmas tree lighting (well, more like how we missed it completely from talking). Well, then this last November he said, 'Let's go to the Christmas tree lighting and actually see the tree lit this time!"

I was so excited and said, 'Oh, and let's go to Fireworks (restaurant) like we did on our first date!' So the day came and I could tell something was wrong but I honestly never suspected a proposal. I actually thought it was the exact opposite of something romantic because the WHOLE day Donovan was so grumpy! And seriously even though he can come off as being super serious, he is honestly the sweetest person in the whole entire world. So even when he's just the slightest bit cold I get all frazzled. I remember getting ready to leave and I stopped him for a second and just held him close and gave him a long hug. Even then I could tell something was wrong because he was trying to almost get away from hugging me! Later he told me his heart was beating out of his chest and he was terrified I could hear it thumping.

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We got to Fireworks, had drinks, and then walked to the center of Keene where the little gazebo is. We met his parents who were at the front of the gazebo and we listened to the little kids sing and watched the celebration. I knew Donovan's dad always goes up to say a few words at the annual event so I was in shock when they asked Donovan to come up to the gazebo. I instantly started crying the second he started talking. Then I realized my whole family was there. When he asked me to come up there with him I then saw all of my friends and even my best friend from North Carolina. It was so unbelievably perfect." Of course, she said Y-E-S!

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Their wedding date is set for June 24, 2017. They will be getting married and hosting the celebration at the beautiful Lakefalls Lodge. They are beyond excited to just have a fantastic and fun-filled day spent with their closest friends and family. This romantically-inspired, fairytale love story is going to be filled with nothing but greenery, garlands, and a few other details that we aren't ready to give away yet! They're not just excited about the details, though. They're also excited to spend the rest of their lives together. It's so clear that this couple is head-over-heels for each other!

There is no doubt in my mind that you will love their engagement shoot photos (taken by Golden Aura Photography) just as much as I did. These two could have been dressed in trash bags and had the shoot take place in a dumpster and they would have still looked like models! Just love these two!! 

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