LDC Referral Program

Word of mouth from our past clients has always been the biggest contributor to the growth of our business so your recommendations are truly invaluable to us. We wanted to thank all of the wonderful brides and grooms who have taken the time to leave us a great review and/or shared their experience with LDC & Co. so we have created the LDC Referral Rewards Program

Let’s think about this for a second: If your friend were to tell you how absolutely incredible/wonderful/helpful/amazeballs we are - would you believe them and want to become an LDCBride? Probably.

How about if WE were to say to a new bride that we are all of those things (and so much more)… She would probably think we were bat shit crazy and narcissistic and run for the hills. Right?


1 Wedding Referral = $50 cash + some extra goodies

2 Wedding Referrals = $75 cash + some extra goodies

3 Wedding Referrals = $100 cash + some extra goodies

The best part about our referral program is that it is open to anyone, even if you haven’t been an LDCBride. For every referral that you send our way that results in a signed contract, you score at least $50 cash money! Translation: The more you refer, the more $$ (and goodies) you get. It’s really that easy.

Thank you for checking out our blog and for sharing what we do with your friends and family. Most importantly make sure to tell your referrals, to tell us, you sent them!

Tip: You don't have to be a prior client to refer someone.  Anyone can receive the referral cash bonus.