Planning Your Wedding Like a Boss

Planning your wedding like a boss

5 Key Elements When Planning Your Wedding

Let’s face it – when it comes to planning your wedding and making major decisions, you need to take a diplomatic approach so you avoid stepping on toes or completely blowing your entire budget within the first few months. One reason professionals have reputable careers in the wedding industry is because they know the necessities it takes to plan a successful wedding and don’t waste time on the tedious aspects that truly don’t matter in the grand scheme of planning. We’ve listed a few key elements that wedding pros say are some of the most important things to think about when planning your wedding:

Venue Choice

Choosing a wedding venue is your first major hurdle in the planning process. Sticking to a venue close to home makes it easier for your guests to attend your wedding without spending an excessive amount of money to get there. So unless your guests are all financially well off, keeping it close to home is always a good rule of thumb.

Jose Villa Photography

Jose Villa Photography

Reception Tips

Without an unlimited budget it’s best to have a “no nonsense” approach to the number of guests you’ll invite to your wedding reception. Why? This number ultimately impacts the venue you choose to rent. The last thing you want to do is rent a venue where the minimum number of required guests is less than the final count on your guest list. No one wants to pay money for guests that won’t be in attendance, but you’ll end up having to book a bigger venue than you need if your guest count is higher than what your original venue choice allowed.

Jose Villa Photography

Jose Villa Photography

Another thing to keep in mind about your reception is that it should start within a reasonable amount of time after your ceremony ends. Not only does this cut down on the number of hours you rent it for, it keeps your guests from becoming horribly bored between events. Lots of people dread going to weddings as it is and it will only make them not want to be there even more if there is a large gap of time with nothing for them to do.

Wedding Vendor Quotes

Quotes from area wedding vendors should always be a part of your planning a process. A pro wouldn’t just take the first offer they found and neither should you. This is one thing that is worth doing your homework on so you end up with the best possible vendors at the best possible prices. Don’t automatically assume that just because one vendor gives you a quote that is $400 less that you are doing yourself a huge service by booking the less expensive option. You need to factor in other qualities when making a final decision like experience, communication, personality, and most importantly, did you trust them? Trust is huge when relying on wedding vendors.

Depending on the number of wedding vendors in your immediate area you should consider researching vendors in nearby towns. In the long run its’ better to pay a vendor a little extra money to have them travel to you than to book a vendor in your town that turns out to be a bad choice. Let’s face it, your vendors can make or break your wedding reception in some ways and no one wants bad memories of the happiest day of their life.

That being said, communication with each vendor you are considering is an extremely important part of the selection process. Once you have made your decision the right thing to do is to also contact the vendors you ultimately rejected and give them a heads up that you’ve chosen to hire someone else. They will appreciate it and you will know you didn’t leave them wondering.

Choosing Your Dress

Clayton Austin Photography

Clayton Austin Photography

Everyone knows wedding dresses are expensive and can be difficult to shop for. To do it like a pro, it helps to go online or buy some bridal magazines and start narrowing down your options. It also helps to keep in mind that shopping for your dress doesn’t need to be a group activity. While you will probably want to have a trusted friend or family member give you opinions on the dresses you try on, avoiding bringing a posse with you when you go shopping. An extra set of eyes is usually all you need to find the perfect wedding dress. Rookies make the mistake of letting too many people help them make their decision and can become swayed in their final decision; don’t be a rookie.

Checking Your Emotions

While planning your wedding can and should be an emotional experience, you have to approach the planning process with a clear and open mind. There will be many people in your life that will have opinions on what you should and shouldn’t do at your wedding. Though they have the right to their opinions and you may find yourself agreeing with someone, make sure you avoid getting so swept up in the moment that you let other people dictate your wedding plans. Pros take the input of those around them but make the final decisions themselves.

The more level headed you are when planning your wedding the less likely you are to morph into a “bridezilla.” You need to know how to strike the right balance between getting what you want and not stepping on other peoples’ toes to get it.

In The End

With a lot of patience and a strong mind, anyone can plan a wedding like a pro. The more organized you are and the more attention you give to each detail the greater the chance of you planning your wedding just like a pro would.