The 5 Questions You Need To Ask When Touring Wedding Venues

Ready for a fun game? Close your eyes and picture your wedding day. What do you see? 

You probably hear the birds happily chirping away like in some Disney movie, you see your fiancé smiling at you, you look drop dead gorgeous, your loved ones are all happily gathered together, and of course the cake. 

Next question: Where is this all taking place? 

After making the decision to get married, a location is usually the next big choice that newly engaged couples make (after figuring out the budget of course). Even though choosing your venue is a pretty important decision you will be making fairly early on in the planning process, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an easy one! Am I right?!

5 things to remember when touring A Wedding venue: 

1. Budget 

Unless you are a Kardashian, money is usually a major factor to consider. If you have a wedding planner, they will be able to steer your toward venues that are a good fit for your budget initially. Beyond that, make sure you ask a lot of questions as you tour each venue to get a good handle on what is included so you are able to compare different venue packages. 

2. Capacity 


Space is the second largest factor when you are on the hunt for a venue. Before you begin your search, it’s a good idea to have a ball park idea of how many guests you plan to invite. This often means creating a rough draft of your guest list. 

3. Style 

Of course you will be adding your own artistic flair to a venue on your wedding day, but the overall style and vibe of a venue isn't something that can be changed. It’s a good idea to choose a venue that meshes with your wedding theme. For example, a cathedral ceremony and ballroom reception might not be the best fit if you have your heart set on a whimsical/boho wedding.

4. Packages 

Depending on the venue, they may offer different packages for events. Some locations will provide tables, linens, silverware, and other things that will save on your rental bill while others provide only the space. You need to be sure you know what you’re getting BEFORE signing on the dotted line.

5. Venue Coordinator 

Always, always, always trust your gut! Make sure you feel a connection with the person in charge of the venue space and that you trust them. They are going to be the one to make sure the venue elements all run smoothly behind the scenes on your special day. As you tour different venues, take note of whether they are listening to you and whether you will feel comfortable working closely with them throughout the months leading up to your wedding day.

For many couples, their wedding is the only time in their lives that they will ever book an event venue -- trust us when we say you aren't alone in feeling completely clueless!


  • Look at photos of other weddings at the venue -- seeing other people’s weddings can give you inspiration and a better idea of what the space looks like in all its glory. 
  • Read reviews from brides that have gotten married there! 

We hope you've found this post helpful and don't forget to have fun when you start touring venues! When you find your ideal space, you're going to feel such a sense of accomplishment in crossing this huge decision off your list! 

------> If you are on the hunt for the perfect wedding location, click here to download a copy of our Wedding Venue Questions You'll Forget to Ask checklist. We've done our very best in including all of the questions you need to ask when touring different venues!