+ How Long Have You Been Planning Weddings?

Lauren has been planning weddings and events professionally since 2012, and LDC & Co. became official in 2015.

+ What Services Do You Offer? Do You Do Day-Of Coordination?

Wedding Day Management (or more commonly referred to as Day-Of Coordination), Full Planning, Partial Planning, Ask the Expert Consultation

+ So What Exactly Does A Wedding Planner Do?

We oversee the logistical elements of hosting a wedding, and break up the planning into phases, so it’s manageable and less overwhelming for the bride and groom. We get to know each client, do a ton of research, suggest vendors, meet with those vendors (either with or without the client), read contracts carefully, handle negotiations and make sure that everything goes smoothly on the day of the wedding.

+ What Are The Main Differences In Complete Planning And Partial Planning?

Complete planning is the whole she-bang, from start to finish. A client will usually approach us 12–18 months before the wedding, typically a couple of weeks after getting engaged. Then we do everything from booking the date and venue to overseeing all of the logistics on the wedding day.

Partial planning is for the couple whose wedding is generally six to eight months away or less. Maybe they’ve found their venue, photographer and one or two other vendors—but they need help finding a few more vendors, putting all of the pieces together, keeping everything organized and managing the event on the actual day.

+ How Much Do Your Services Cost? Why Do Your Packages Say Starting At $XXX.00?

A professional wedding planner is a true investment in your day--one that will save you time, energy and ultimately, money. Our goal is to give you an impeccable experience at the best value for your hard earned dollars.

As to why our packages begin at $XXX.00—it is mainly because we don't want to give you the wrong information! Your wedding is as individual as your love story - and the service you get from us, and the pricing attached, will be as well. Please inquire about your date and schedule a Meet & Greet with us so that we can learn more about your event and create a customized planning proposal for you.

Our prices are competitive with other experienced wedding planners and designers in the New England area and our base prices are listed on our Pricing Page. We realize that each couple’s needs, ideas, and personalities are different. We construct a flat fee per event – specially tailored to each client, based upon the services that are required of us. Under the flat fee that is established, we will complete all of the work that we have agreed to do regardless of how long it takes us to complete it. (We don’t believe in nickel and diming you for overtime).

Contact us today to set up your free consultation where we will discuss:

  • Which design or coordination package might be a good fit for you
  • Customization of services
  • The specifics of a proposal for services based on your individual needs

+ Why Do You Charge A Flat Investment Fee Instead Of A Percentage Of The Total Wedding Budget?

A planner who charges a percentage of your total wedding budget has no incentive to save you money where vendors are concerned or to find you the best deals. Since we charge a flat or hourly fee (depending on service negotiated) we work with your best interests in mind to find you top quality vendors for a fair price. Also, any industry discounts we are able to negotiate are passed on to you, and never pocketed ourselves. We are very transparent with you regarding budgeting and spending on all fronts.

+ How Does Your Investment Structure Work?

Deposit / Retainer: A non-refundable retainer of 50% of the estimated investment and a signed contract are required prior to any services being performed by LDC & Co.

Payment Schedule: The remaining 50% of the balance is due no later than two weeks prior to your event date. You are absolutely able to make payments as you go along or simply pay the balance in full - that is completely up to you.

+ What Types Of Payment Do You Take, And Do You Offer Payment Plans?

LDC & Co. accepts cash, personal and cashier’s checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal. We also offer custom payment plans tailored to each client’s needs. We know how expensive a wedding can become!

+ Do You Plan LGBTQ Weddings?

YES! Love is love. We firmly believe in marriage equality and nothing would make us happier than to help you make your day fabulous!

+ What Types Of Weddings Do You Accommodate?

Any and all weddings: Civil, Destination, Double Weddings, Eco-Friendly / Green, LGBT, Military, Pop-up.

+ Will You Work With Vendors We’ve Already Found, Or Vendors We Really Want To Work With?

Absolutely! We know some of the best wedding pros in New England, so we do provide recommendations if you need them. Since we have experience with these professionals, we can guarantee the quality of their work. However, if you’ve found the photographer or florist of your dreams, we’ll gladly work with them. Your wedding is a team effort after all, and we play very well with others.

+ How Do You Determine Which Vendors To Recommend To Each Of Your Clients?

We tailor all vendor referrals to fit the specific client -- based on their style, personality, and budget. After meeting with you and getting to know more about you and your wedding, we send you vendor referrals that are selected especially for YOU!

+ What If I Don’t Want A Cake/Toasts/Dancing/Etc.

No worries! This is your wedding, do it your way! We are here to help you make it happen, AND help you explain to your family the why behind whatever element is missing. Although, they’ll probably never miss it!

+ Do You Take More Than One Wedding Per Day?

Nope. Our services are available to a maximum of three clients per month.

+ How Many Weddings Do You Plan Per Year? Per Month? Per Weekend?

By choice, we plan 15-to-20 weddings per year -- a combination of Full Service, Month-Of, and Custom Coordination clients. We typically do no more than 3 weddings per month each, with no more than one wedding per weekend each. We are firm believers in not over-committing ourselves, so we control our workloads in order to give our clients the time and attention they deserve!

+ Can We Contact Some Of Your Former Clients To See What It’s Like To Work With You?

Of course and please do! You can also check out our testimonials page right now.

+ I Have A Few More Questions Before Getting Started. Can I Contact You To Discuss Further?

Absolutely! In fact we highly encourage all of our potential clients to schedule a Meet & Greet so we can get all of your questions answered, learn a more about you and your vision, and discover how we can help you best! Email us today at lauren@ldcweddings.com, or give us a call at 603.363.2022.

+ We Are In It To Win It! What Do We Need To Do Next?

The next step is for you to give us a call at 603.363.2022 or email us at lauren@ldcweddings.com to set up your Meet & Greet. Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you by the next business day. We’ll set a date for us to chat and learn more about each other. When you set up a Meet & Greet, we’ll discuss your wedding plans and discuss the services that we offer to match your personality, style and budget.

+ Wait, Are You A Design Or A Planning Company? Aren’t Those Different?

Most commonly, wedding and event planners only plan events and don’t design. Also, in most cases event designers only design, and don’t do event planning.

We feel we do our best work when we plan your event with you – because it becomes a seamless and streamlined process that way. If you are working with a designer already, but need someone to coordinate all your details and plan your event – we can do that too.

+ If I Hire A Wedding Planner, Won’t They Want To Take Over My Wedding And Run The Whole Show?

We promise that when you work with us, we will deliver your wedding your way. We are professionals and we work with our clients to handle only as much or as little of the event planning as you want. You will always make all of the ultimate decisions – we just help with the creative ideas and make sure that everything is executed according to your wishes. Your wedding should be a reflection of your personal style.

+ My Mom / Family Friend Is Going To Help Me Plan The Wedding. I Don’t Need A Professional, Do I?

Let us answer this question with another question: Why would you want to make your invited wedding guests work on your wedding day when they should be celebrating with you? Your friends and family may agree to help you on your day, but believe us, they probably don’t feel comfortable making decisions that are going to affect one of the most important days of your life. Or they may not see eye-to-eye with you on certain things and then make a decision based on their own belief of what should be done. Let us work with you to handle all of the details instead--from overseeing setup to directing vendors, guests, and the wedding party--let your friends and family enjoy the party.

+ What If I Have Already Done All Of The Planning. Can You Still Help Me?

Yes! Thats just what our Day-Of Coordination package is designed for. We can confirm and take over management of your selected vendors, we can assist you in running your wedding rehearsal and we can be there for your ceremony and reception to make sure everything goes as planned.

+ How Soon Should I Book Your Services?

A wedding coordinator should be booked 6-12 months ahead of your wedding date if possible, but less notice is frequently possible to accommodate partial-planning as long as a coordinator has your event date free.

We only take a limited number of events per year so that we can give each of our clients the time and attention they deserve. LDC & Co. carries a New Hampshire State business license and $1,000,000 in general liability insurance.

+ Will You Do All The Set Up And Clean Up Of My Event? That’s Part Of What Wedding Planners And Coordinators Do, Right?

Great question. The short answer is that we are planners and not janitors, caterers, or a moving company. We do not sweep, mop, or bus tables to clean up after your event. If hired only for planning and coordination, we do not bring truckloads of furniture or decor items to your event and install them for you. However, we can definitely hire people to take care of that for you if your caterer or venue does not.

We do help with most of your decor set up and oversee all vendor installations. We also make sure that everything for your ceremony and reception is set up as planned and on time. Sometimes additional staffing is required to meet your needs for set up and tear down when decor is complicated or when guests lists are large – and we are super happy to help you tackle those logistics and hire the right people to make sure your event is AWESOME and there are no stinky dishes piled in the corner after dessert.

+ I Am Already Working With A Venue Coordinator At My Venue, And He/She Is Very Helpful. Why Do I Need Your Help?

Typically, Venue Coordinators or Catering Managers at hotels and other venues have the job of overseeing the wedding details that are directly related to the venue (and sometimes the food and beverage as well). It is not in their job description to confirm your vendors, run your rehearsal, oversee the vendors on your wedding day, cue you down the aisle at your ceremony, and make sure all of the day’s events are running according to schedule. As professional Wedding Coordinators, our services supplement the services offered by your Catering Manager, Banquet Manager & Staff, and other vendors.

+ I Am Planning A Destination Wedding In New England, But I Live In Another City/State/Country, Can You Help Me?

Yes we can! In fact, about half of our clients are married in states outside of where they live. So we are very comfortable with out-of-city/state/country clients and communicating via phone, e-mail, and Skype.

+ Do You Have Ideas On How To Make My Wedding Special, Unique, And Memorable?

Of course! One of our favorite parts of our jobs is working with our clients to brainstorm and create whatever is necessary to make their weddings extra-special and tailored to their personalities, likes, and desires. This is one of the main reasons we keep ourselves up-to-date with what’s new & next in the wedding industry, so we can offer creative and unique ideas for our clients’ weddings and events.

+ Do You Accept Commissions Or Kickbacks From Other Vendors?

Nope. We do not accept any commissions or kickbacks from vendors and will only refer qualified, reputable vendors who will best suit your needs, style, and budget.

+ How Do You Dress For Our Event?

For weddings, all consultants and assistants will wear professional black attire.

+ Will You Eat/Drink During The Reception?

Since weddings can turn into 10, 12, and even 14 hour days, vendor meals during your reception are much appreciated. However, we are there to do a job and will absolutely not drink any alcohol or mingle with your guests.

+ What Do You Wish More People Knew About Wedding Planners?

“Day of” planners don’t exist. For everything to go smoothly on your wedding day, a planner has to work with a client for at least four to six weeks leading up to the event to make sure that all the vendors are on the same page.

Also, we’re not designers. Lauren's background is in planning and organizing, so she is not professionally trained in the aesthetics of the event—making everything beautiful, creating color palettes, and telling a client which linens go with which flowers and lights. Although, she can hire a designer who can help a client make those decisions to create a dazzling event.

+ How Did Lauren Become A Wedding Planner?

Wedding planning found her. She studied Psychology and Holocaust and Genocide Studies, so her original plan was to be a therapist or professor. The universe had a different plan in mind for her though, and steered her in a completely different direction. When she got married in her early 20s, she didn’t have a planner. In fact, there was no such thing at the time. Everything went perfectly, but at the end, she remembered thinking, "Holy crap that was a lot of work! There has to be someone out there who can help plan weddings and not cost a fortune."

Lauren was one of the first of her friends to get married, so when others started tying the knot, they came to her for advice. While working as the studio manager for a Boston wedding photographer, three brides within two weeks said to her, “You should start a business.” Lauren always had an entrepreneurial mindset, so the idea was exciting! Having had worked in the wedding industry for four years, she decided to take a chance!