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Since 2015, LDC & Co. has carefully planned weddings across the Northeast with the goal of providing our sweet couples with a relaxing and memorable day. We know a lot of time, effort, and energy goes into making a wedding perfect, but that’s not what we want our brides thinking about on the day of their wedding. We want our brides, grooms and their families to have only joyous memories of their big day. 

Although we service any couples getting married in New England (New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine); LDC & Co. is based out of Keene, NH. Our immediate surrounding cities include Keene, Manchester, Concord, Portsmouth, Nashua, and northern NH. 

Keene, NH is known for it's cozy downtown, historic architecture, and small city hospitality. From college students and community theater to beautiful churches and bustling nightlife, Keene is a diverse and growing spot in the heart of our state. Brunch, local shops, and a walk downtown past Keene's own Keene State College is a must when you visit.


LDC & Co. Wedding Services

Wedding Planner in NH

Choosing LDC & Co. as your NH Wedding Planner means choosing to have a friendly and supportive face to answer all your questions during the planning of your wedding and on the day of. Wedding coordinators should be your back-pocket expert, your ace, and the person who can count chairs and haul party favors so you don't have to.

LDC & Co. offers all that and more to our clients. Whether you need a little planning advice here and there, or you need someone to facilitate the flow of the day, or maybe you just need help from start to finish - we've got you. 

We offer both Wedding Coordinating and Wedding Coaching that is perfect for a bride who loves to check things off a list with a side of friendly accountability.


When looking for someone to plan your wedding, you don’t want to hand the job to just anyone. You’ll want the person who answers questions before you ask them, the one who comes prepared with items ranging from bandaids to hammers, and the one who has the timing of your wedding down to an exact science. 

Having your wedding in NH offers the perfect New England setting for your nuptials. New Hampshire offers various venues including beaches, farms, art museums, orchards, and vineyards. Venues like Aldworth Manor, Alyson's Orchard, and Zorvino Winery offer the perfect backdrop for your “I Do’s”. 

Wedding Coordinating

NH Wedding Planner

We start by getting all the information about your big day, the vendors you’ve booked and the plans you’ve made. We then coordinate the rehearsal and the day of the wedding. We handle everything from the vendors, the deliveries and the set up for your wedding. We are able to coordinate your wedding, wherever it is. We are there to simplify the flow of the day. Our wedding planning services pair perfectly with our coaching services. 

Wedding Coaching

NH Wedding Planners

Our coaching services require only 3 meetings. After these meetings, you will have a plan for your budget, a list of vendor referrals and a perfect timeline for your day. We can answer questions like, “How much will ___ cost?” or “Can you recommend a good photographer?” We created these coaching services to help out those couples who need a little guidance from the beginning. We take the vision that our couples illustrate, and tell them how they can make it a reality. 


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